​​​​​Vinyl Surfaces
We clean all vinyl surfaces and seats each time we wash and use a vinyl treatment moisturizer each time we detail your boat.

We use a Water Spot remover and Rain X products to keep windows clean & crystal clear each time we detail your boat.  

Engine Room Cleaning
We can provide engine room cleaning and detailing as needed

​Our Main Focus

​​Boat Detailing Services


We specialize in washing, waxing and detailing your boat to the highest standards.

We are 100% reliable and complete every job on time

We are boaters, provide captain services and handle your boat like it is our own.

Our focus is 100% on cleaning and detailing to provide you with the best service at a competitive price.


We will provide you with regular washing service to maintain your boat in top condition

Waxing & Detailing
We provide several packages to keep your boat waxed and detailed on a regular basis in order to keep your boat in top condition at all times.

Interiors & Carpets
We can provide one time or regular service for your boats interior and carpets.

Isinglass Enclosures
We will keep your boat’s isinglass clean & crystal clear by polishing each time we detail